We at the South Carolina Notary Association have included a checklist for becoming a Notary Public in the State of South Carolina.

  1. STEP ONE Am I eligible to become a Notary Public in the State of South Carolina? Are you 18 years of age or older? A registered voter in the State of South Carolina? Able to read and write English?
  2. STEP TWO You need to complete your Notary Public Commission application and sent it in to the State Delegation office along with the application fee.
  3. STEP THREE Within 14 days of receiving your Notary Commission, you will need to register it with your local county clerk. Here you will also pay a minimal registration fee.
  4. STEP FOUR Call Electric City Printing (864) 617-9929 to order your supplies (e.g. Journal, Law Primer, Notary Stamp, Notary Seal, Business Cards, etc)
  5. STEP FIVE Apply for membership with the National Notary Association.
  6. STEP SIX Select and purchase your E & O Insurance policy (ten years recommended to match your Notary Commission)
  7. STEP SEVEN Apply for your NNA Background Check
  8. STEP EIGHT Take Mark Wills “Loan Signing System” course and become certified
  9. STEP NINE Call Electric City Printing to have your website designed, setup email and your Google My Business listing
  10. STEP TEN list your new company and website on every notary website that you can. The more sites that you are listed on, the better your chances to be contacted by new clients. Purchase our “Ultimate Notary Guide” and take our course that is provided by Notary Ambassador Sonita Leak

You should always continue your learning. network with other Notaries, attend conferences and learning sessions. Ask questions, and continue to grow your knowledge and business.